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Metallic Effect Acrylic Sheet

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A range of metallic sheet colours are available to order but are not stocked as standard.

  • Available thickness: 3 and 4 mm.
  • Available sizes: up to 3050 x 2030 mm.
  • The metallic effect is present only on the upper side of the sheet.
  • Sheets can be easily thermoformed and fabricated.
  • Other colours and effects can be obtained through consultation.
  • Colour swatch download to follow soon

The pigments which produce this metallic look are fine layers of mica covered with titanium dioxide and/or other oxides. These layers are laid parallel to the surface of the sheet and the brilliance of the colour comes from light reflecting off their smooth surfaces.

A variety of effects are obtained depending on the size of the particles used. Larger particles will give a flecked appearance; smaller particles result in a softer, smoother shine.

The pigment is incorporated directly into the material rather than being applied to the surface as a varnish or lacquer and for this reason the product is resistance to wear.

The physical and mechanical properties of these sheets are similar to those of plain coloured sheets for general use.

The sheets are easy to work with: they can be cut, drilled, mitred, machine polished, glued, vacuum moulded, and heat formed – without damaging the metallic surface.

The pigments used are not hazardous (they are biologically inert) and do not pollute, as they are not water soluble and contain no heavy metals. They do not conduct electricity and they withstand very high temperatures.

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